Oppo announces its exclusive Watch 3 WeChat and has curious functions

In August of last year, Oppo launched its new series of smart watches. The Asian company presented the watch 3 and the Watch3 Pro with a good number of features. The Oppo Watch 3 Pro has everything to keep up with other flagship smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch.

In fact, it outperforms the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch in some areas. A notable example of this is the size of the screen. The Apple WatchSeries 8 It has a 1.9-inch screen. The Galaxy Watch 5 Prowhich launched on the same day as the Oppo Watch 3 Pro, also has a 1.4-inch screen.

The smart watch specifications

The Oppo Watch 3 Pro comes with a screen size of 1.91″. A screen size second only to the Apple Watch Ultra with a screen size of 1.92 inches. It also comes with other features like eSIM support, AMOLED screen with 327ppi and Always-On-Display. It also comes with WearOS 3 and with the Snapdragon W5+ Gen1 (4nm) chipset.


The Oppo Watch 3 comes with 32 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM. It also comes with health related features such as heart rate monitor and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitor. You also get a large 550mAh battery.

With these features, Oppo doesn’t seem to be done with the Watch 3 yet. Thus, launching another Watch 3 model with a much-needed feature. Oppo has announced the Oppo Watch 3 WeChat Edition. This watch brings contactless payment, a feature the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro lacked.

What’s new in this WeChat edition?

The new WeChat edition does not appear to be any different from the Oppo Watch 3 Pro. Apart from the NFC capabilities of this watch, all other features match those of the Watch 3 Pro. Oppo has also said that this watch offers the ability to send email responses. voice using the microphone or text responses using the keyboard. It also allows you to view images on the 1.91-inch screen, as well as send preset quick responses. Although these features are very useful, they can also be found on the Oppo Watch 3 Pro.

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