OPPO already has its own augmented reality app: CybeReal

OPPO already has its own augmented reality app: CybeReal
Oppo Already Has Its Own Augmented Reality App: Cybereal

OPPO already has its own augmented reality app: CybeReal

Carrying a camera (or several) permanently in your pocket has meant that, with the increase in power in the devices and their software, it also grows the ecosystem of apps with augmented reality. Projecting, always within the phone screen, objects that are not on the real image, something that has more and more possibilities of exploitation. Like Google’s 3D animals, for example.

OPPO is the last to present its proposal in this sector. The Chinese manufacturer is celebrating its OPPO Inno Day of this 2020, and in it it has announced that it already has an augmented reality app similar to the one presented by Huawei (AR Maps 2.0 based on Maps Kit) about a month ago. OPPO CybeReal already has an official name and much still to go.

Scene recognition and high precision positioning


CybeReal is the name that OPPO has given to its new app for augmented reality, which at first seems to be limited only to its own terminals. We do not know at the moment if it will be distributed independently through Google Play and the like or if it will become pre-installed on the Color OS that surrounds the Android of their mobile phones. We will have to wait a little longer to know that.

OPPO has not told too much about its new CybeReal app for augmented reality although it has commented that it has one great ability to recognize scenes, in addition to taking advantage of high-precision geopositioning in real time. It seems to be designed for some type of map apps unknown at the moment, but the company has not offered more information in this regard.

If a maps app is developed for OPPO phones, we would thus speak of an alternative to Google Maps that comes pre-installed on their phones. Perhaps solely for China, the home of the brand, or as an international app. We do not know if OPPO is considering an emancipation from Google in the medium or long-term future or if they simply want strengthen the ecosystem of apps for your phones.

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