Opera enters the web3 and launches Crypto Browser on Windows, Mac and Android


The pourpose of Crypto Browser explained the EVP of Opera Jorgen Arnensen, is to make life easier for the ever increasing number of users who are confronted with web3 and with its novelties and difficulties. The intention is to make Opera Crypto Browser a reference in the current chaos through the presence of a integrated crypto walleteasier access to cryptocurrency and NFT exchanges, support for decentralized apps (dApps) and much more.

Opera Crypto Browser arrives today in its first Beta and it’s available for Windows, Mac and Android. Regarding iOSat the moment it is missing, but the company let it be known that further on there will also be a version for Cupertino mobile devices.

The current form is therefore embryonic, and yet already includes those that according to the developers are the founding pillars of the whole experience, starting with the integrated cryptographic wallet with blockchain support such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervos (partnership with other realities, such as Polygon, will be implemented in the future).

The basic idea is simple: allow users a access to your crypto assets without the need to install dedicated extensions. All this with the protection of a clipboard secure enough to ensure that other applications cannot read the copied and pasted content.

With Opera Crypto the intention is to offer a future-proof browser, and therefore designed for browsing the web3, or the decentralized internet based on blockhain, a sort of “promised land” for all those who are launching themselves in the cryptocurrency sector.

Having observed the backlash recorded by Mozilla when it announced its intention to introduce a system for accepting cryptocurrency donations on its Firefox browser, with the reaction of the community that has been critical due to the environmental impact of the blockhain on the environment, Opera has rushed to specify that in this sense it is already working on the implementation of the Ethereum Layer 2 standard to ensure greater efficiency in energy terms.