OpenExpo Europe, the great face-to-face event in Madrid for technology professionals is approaching


We continue with the great face-to-face events that we will have in the coming weeks, and we are doing it now with a giant in the world of technology.

This is OpenExpo Europe, a face-to-face event in Madrid that will deal with the future of the world of work. It will talk about profiles of all kinds, including site reliability engineer, cloud architect, learning engineer, cybersecurity specialist, application engineer, UX researcher, data engineer and more.

It will be held at La Nave on June 30, 2022, and will focus on the professions that are growing the most in Spain. They comment on the list they have made from LinkedIn Economic Graph, where they make it clear that those directly related to technology are the jobs with the greatest future in our country.

With 60% of people willing to change jobs this year, it is important to know all the details of these professions, such as the average number of years of experience required, or the skills sought.

OpenExpo Europe is already celebrating the 9th edition of this Congress on business technology, with conferences, interviews, workshops and round tables dedicated to topics of all kinds, from cybersecurity to big data, through open source, blockchain or the famous metaverse.

The idea will offer you the opportunity to create networking within the sector, to open the doors to the labor market by attracting talent, to generate new business opportunities and to disseminate trends in the world of technology.

A day that expects to bring together 3,500 people and some 400 companies from the technology sector.

You can register at this link.

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