OpenAI launches the official ChatGPT app, for now in the USA and only for iPhone

While on the one hand its founder and CEO, Sam Altman, says he is “concerned” about the danger that generative artificial intelligence could represent without precise regulation, if used in the wrong way, on the other OpneAI continues to develop and expand the possibilities of its chatbot, ChatGPT.


After starting to extend access to plugins (now over seventy) to almost all users subscribed to the Plus version of ChatGPT, the native app for iOS arrives today which will allow you to easily access the chatbot from your iPhone, at any time and “ad-free!”

In fact, OpenAI also underlined in the release notes on the App Store that the iOS version of ChatGPT is totally “free”, therefore there are no annoying banners that can affect the user experience. For now, as mentioned, it’s only for Apple’s operating system but it’s still a version for Android smartphones is also planned.

All in all, a right decision not to insert advertising considering the nature of this service that “trains” itself also using the data entered by users. After all, as they said in the docufilm “The social dilemma“, if we are not paying for a product, then we are the product.

The “nutrition table” of the app on the App Store

In the “nutritional table” of the app it is in fact specified that the app collects contact information, identifiers, user content (product interactions)usage and diagnostic data.


The ChatGPT iOS app rollout has begun in the United States but it should start expanding to other countries as well over the next few weeks. At least that’s what OpenAI claims. The app works on both iPhone and iPadsupports voice recognition, has a nice feedback when typing answers and synchronizes the history between the web and various devices.

The company says the app will see continuous improvements in features and security over the next few weeks based on user feedback. To use the ChatGPT app you need to register an OpenAI account.

The ChatGPT Plus subscription, priced at $20 a month, offers increased service availability, faster response times, and priority access to new features like GPT-4, the most advanced version of ChatGPT, and plugins. .


Have access to an official version of ChatGPT obviously offers greater security to users who have so far had to settle for using the web or apps developed by third parties, taking advantage of the chatbot APIs, available for both iOS and Android. Apps that could often also hide some “trap” to try to steal money from ungrateful users.

Precisely in this sense, the computer security company Sophos has declared that it has discovered several apps posing as “official” chatbots based on ChatGPT. As he explains in his latest report, these apps they are practically featureless and they constantly show advertisements prompting users to activate subscriptions which can cost hundreds of dollars a year.

Sophos has analyzed some of these so-called “fleeceware” apps and recommended that they be removed immediately. Between these, GBT Chat, Genie, GAI Assistant, AI Chat GBT, AI Chat – Chatbot AI Assistant, Genie AI Chatbot And AI Chatbot – Open Chat Writer. Users who have used them can follow the guidelines provided by their respective app stores for terminate subscriptions. Obviously, simply deleting an app does not interrupt any existing subscription.