OpenAI improves ChatGPT and reduces costs

para utilizar chatgpt sin disponer de una cuenta de openai.jpg
para utilizar chatgpt sin disponer de una cuenta de openai.jpg

Open AIa prominent player in the space of the generative AIhas taken an important step with the announcement of the release of improved versions of its text generation models, GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4. These models have been enhanced with a new ability called function calling.

The function calling is a feature that allows developers to describe programming functions to AI models, which in turn generate the corresponding code. This can be applied to creating chatbots that answer questions by calling external tools, convert natural language into database queries, and extract structured data from text.

Context window expansion

AI models use what is known as a context window to consider the text before generating additional text. OpenAI has introduced a version of GPT-3.5-turbo with a context window four times larger than the original version. This can help models better stay on topic and avoid rambling.

Lower prices for AI models

In a move to make its AI models more accessible, OpenAI has slashed prices for both GPT-3.5-turbo and the text-embedding-ada-002 model. The latter is especially popular for measuring the relationship between text strings, a useful feature in search and recommendations. The reduction in costs has been possible thanks to the improvement in the efficiency of OpenAI systems.

Focus on incremental updates

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has indicated that the company is prioritizing incremental updates to existing models rather than start training a successor to GPT-4. This signals a strategy focused on continuous improvement of existing models.

OpenAI seems to be charting a pragmatic and strategic path in the field of AI. In doing so, it demonstrates a balanced approach between innovation and accessibility, which is not only beneficial for developers, but also for the overall advancement of AI. By keeping costs low and continually improving existing models, OpenAI could be setting the standard for future AI development.

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