OP Powerbank, the ultra-fast charging battery that puts the note of color on your desktop

OP Powerbank, the ultra-fast charging battery that puts the note of color on your desktop
op powerbank, the ultra fast charging battery that puts the note

It happens to all of us that as the hours of the day go by we see how the battery indicator is taking a run at an increasing speed until, in the middle of the afternoon, we urgently need to seek help from a charger. For situations like that, power banks were invented, which are still emergency batteries that give us autonomy back to the phone.

Fortunately, the market for these powerbanks is growing and very interesting initiatives arise that combine an infinity of uses. What at first was an emergency solution for smartphones was derived over time in external batteries capable of supporting the weight of recharging a tablet, a laptop or a console.

With lights and everything

That is the case of this OP Powerbank that OP Power has launched and that stands out for four important elements. His ability is one of them. and reaches 15,000 mAh. so we will have enough to fill three times (more or less) the battery of our phone. Another of the virtues of this model has to do with its power and support, which reaches 100W of fast charge, which means that we will have to have any device (compatible with these speeds) plugged in for less time to fill its 100% battery.

Another benefit of this OP Powerbank is that, as we outlined before, is capable of charging consoles such as Nintendo Switch, all kinds of accessories such as helmets or bluetooth headsets, tablets such as the iPad Pro and laptops such as Apple MacBook or Microsoft Surface Pro, which will get us out of trouble when the working day is too long away from home. And finally, we have the design, which draws attention for its straight lines, very gaming, and that resource of LED lights that we can customize when we have it plugged in and operational, for example, on the desktop.

Another of the important details of this powerbank is that it is also fast when we charge it since it is compatible with those 100W: in just 30 minutes we will have 80% of your battery recharged, which is also an advantage when we pull too much on it. You have it available on Indiegogo, with shipments worldwide and delivery date in May of this year, at a price of 52 euros to change and options of a pack of two for 100.