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OnlyOffice Docs 7.2 is here: follow your colleagues’ work in preview mode

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With the update to version 7.2, OnlyOffice 7.2 introduces, among other things, a marketplace for plug-ins and a special preview mode.


As part of the new version 7.2, OnlyOffice Docs has some new features. With immediate effect, users can download or remove extensions to the free Office package from a central marketplace. This plug-in manager can be found directly in the corresponding OnlyOffice plug-in tab.

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In addition, the developers are introducing a preview mode that allows users with read rights to see the changes made by their colleagues in real time. This setting is enabled by default, but can be turned off if desired. It also requires a suitable server license.

In addition, documents with forms receive new field types: In addition to those for the e-mail address and telephone number, a so-called complex field is now added. With it, users can compose their own field. In addition, any symbols and formats can be selected in text fields.

Support for ligatures is also new, allowing languages ​​such as Bengali and Sinhala to be used in OnlyOffice Docs. In addition, users can now add tables as OLE objects, which should then be easier to edit by other users. Columns and rows can now be easily swapped in tables, and direct links to any data sections are also new.

There are other changes for the interface, including the dark mode gets an alternative look with stronger contrast. Also new are a sidebar for searching and replacing as well as individually configurable shortcut keys for special paste commands.

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All updates of the new version 7.2 can be found in the release notes. As free software, OnlyOffice Docs is licensed under the APGL v3 open source license. In addition to installation in their own data center, the developers offer a commercial cloud variant. The combination of the Office package with the cloud platform Nextcloud is also popular.

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