Only a few weeks on sale and the iPhone 15 Pro Max screens are already burning

pantalla iphone 15 pro max quemada.jpg
pantalla iphone 15 pro max quemada.jpg

OLED burn-in on the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen

The launch of the new iPhone 15 It has arrived marked by controversy. First of all we witnessed heating problems attributed to the thermal design that seemed to be solved with an iOS update. Now the problem is that the OLED screens of the most expensive model are burning out, which has no solution.


Just after Apple released an update that fixes the iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating problems, a more serious problem appeared on the Cupertino’s very expensive phones: the wear and tear of your OLED screens. There have been a slew of reports of image retention on iPhone 15 Pro Max phones, with ghostly outlines of the home screen and keyboard icons visible on the screens in perpetuity.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and the burned one

OLED screens can provide an obvious leap in quality to any device such as smartphones, portable consoles or Smart TVs. That is something undeniable. However, they also require extra care to avoid damage over time. burns and retentions.

Over time. This is the key to alarming us about the cases that are appearing in which the brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max, the top of the range of Apple’s annual model for this year, are already beginning to be sold. degrade your screen.

Burn-in, which occurs when a still image is displayed on part of a screen for too long, has been a concern for OLED panels for years. Manufacturers have introduced ways to mitigate the issue in recent times, making it less problematic, so it’s a surprise to see such extreme wear and tear reports on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. just a few weeks after its launch.

There are cases in which certain users report the appearance of these defects only 14 days after purchasing them. The user in this case took his phone to an Apple Store to make an appointment with someone from technical support. The staff informed him that the phone was experiencing “ghosting.” The usual solution was to replace the screen, but there were no parts available since the iPhone 15 Pro Max has just been released (it did so only on Friday, September 22, 2023). A replacement was ordered instead, but being so new there were none available. As such, the customer had to wait for another device to arrive.

Several other people have confirmed the burn-in issue on their iPhone 15 Pro Max phones (it appears this is the only model affected) and that Apple agreed to replace the phones, once there are some in stock. It’s unclear how widespread the problem is at this time.

Avoid still images on your OLED mobile

There are several cases to think that a component is defective, so from here we can only recommend to users of this model that avoid any type of still image as much as possible. Static images are mainly responsible for these “screen burn-ins.” The organic pixels of OLED screens react with a kind of temporary memory and leave that image marked for a period of time. If this retention persists, which by itself can disappear after a few minutes, it ends in screen burn, as in these cases.

The first complaints that the latest apple phones they were overheating They arrived just a week after their launch, something that Apple expert analyst Ming-Chi Kuo attributed to thermal design. Earlier this month, Apple released iOS version 17.0.3 with an included patch that fixed overheating issues. But it seems that those with the bitten apple now have something else to worry about in their latest flagship.

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