OnePlus Z, Pete Lau’s low-cost smartphone will arrive in June: unofficial teaser

Oneplus Z, Pete Lau's Low Cost Smartphone Will Arrive In June:
Oneplus Z, Pete Lau's Low Cost Smartphone Will Arrive In June:

The two top of the range of the company should soon be joined by a new cheaper model. It has been the dream of OnePlus historical enthusiasts for years.

Just before the launch of OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, several rumors surfaced about the possible launch of one “lite” version of Pete Lau’s smartphones. The devices have been released, but we have not seen any traces of the economic version. Not all hopes are lost, however: the “leakster” Max J. has in fact published an image that should portray his own “OnePlus Z”, device apparently scheduled for next summer, exactly in July. The smartphone litetherefore, it may only have been postponed.

OnePlus Z is a name that refers to OnePlus X, in the past a mid-range alternative to the company’s flagships. It was then 2015 and the experiment of flanking a midrange with flagships was no longer taken up by the company. The image of Max J. does not say much, however it is a source that in the past has proved to be decidedly accurate in the forecasts. The outline of the design shown on Twitter also resumes rendering of the hypothetical “OnePlus 8 Lite” which had leaked in December without then having any official confirmation from the company.

Why a “lite” model? OnePlus began its career in the smartphone market with OnePlus One, a device that can be compared to a top of the range but offered at a fraction of the price. In recent generations the price of the top of the OnePlus range has tripled compared to the dawn, hand in hand with quality: today OnePlus can challenge without any shyness any other device proposed by the competition, giving the latter a lot of trouble.

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OnePlus Z could be the answer to (many) users who would like a return to the origins by OnePlus, with an eye also for those looking for a reliable smartphone, with the excellent OxygenOS, but without all the trappings typical of the top of range. We still don’t know what the specifications of the new device will be, even if the Snapdragon 765 is imposing itself on the market as the most effective solution in the mid-range. However, the price will decree its success, with OnePlus which could finally return to attack a very interesting slice of the market.


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