OnePlus ups the ante to 3,000 nits: the mobile phone with the brightest screen ever seen will arrive next week

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1697872384 840 560.jpeg

The Chinese firm wants to break records and promises something ‘historic for Chinese screens’

After the competition for megapixels or fast charging, the smartphone sector is immersed in a new battle: offering the phone with the brightest screen. At the moment there are already a few phones that exceed the 2,000 nits barrier, as an example the 2,500 of the OPPO Find X6 Probut the race seems to have no ceiling: and reality is that the screens need more maximum brightness to face outdoors or simply to reproduce content in the most realistic way possible. Well then, Next week OnePlus is going to hit the table with a 3,000 nits panel.

The glitter competition thing is no joke. Without going any further, the high-end experienced an increase in brightness in 2022 alone of 171%, according to a report from which echoes Android Authority. But the sky is the limit: the brand itself on his Weibo social network profile (something like the Chinese Twitter/X), has invited everyone to ‘a historic moment for Chinese panels’. Yesterday we met the new and exciting foldable from the brandbut OnePlus has more tricks up its sleeve that promise to see the light of day imminently.

OnePlus wakes up the hype and GSMArena advances it: On October 24, OnePlus and its parent company OPPO will present the fruit of their collaboration with the manufacturer BOE, a new panel capable of reaching 3,000 nits of maximum brightness.

What the new and spectacular OnePlus screen promises

OnePlus’ new panel promises to be exceptionally bright, reaching that unprecedented figure in a phone and at the same level as televisionsaccording to rumors collected by Digital Chat Station, which goes into detail explaining that this figure will be achieved with a resolution of 1,440 pixels and that the 1,220 pixel panel may even exceed it. Likewise, the new panel will also support 2K resolution with 2,160 Hz PWM.

We will have to wait to see if they get there and how they deal with technical challenges to achieve it, such as heat dissipation. However, the brand has already come dangerously close to that figure with its first foldable showing that They have the technical capacity to execute it. Thus, the OnePlus Open according to the firm is capable of reaching 2,800 nits on both the interior and exterior panels.

This launch will coincide in date with the presentation of the new Qualcomm beastthe Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, so we can expect that the new OnePlus 12 mount both the very bright BOE screen and the new chip.

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