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OnePlus Pad, the new trademark points to the arrival of a tablet

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Since its first arrival in 2014 as a brand aimed at creating ‘flagship killer’ smartphones, we have seen oneplus evolve into one of the most powerful brands on the market. However, it seems that their sights are not only on the expansion of their models, but that the company could be on the verge of jump into the tablet market with the so-called OnePlus Pad.

And it is that although the company has not yet spoken directly about the arrival of its own tablet, the latest leaks show enough evidence to believe that the company is preparing for the launch of its first tablet, having recently detected a new entry in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), under the name OnePlus Pad.

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Unfortunately, the trademark is silent on the device itself or its specifications, although the company is expected to choose to create a OnePlus Pad family more than just a single product launch. Although given the range of ranges the company has moved into, and the component brands normally used in its smartphones, it doesn’t seem difficult to get a small preliminary idea of ​​what to expect for its first tablet.

Thus, in addition to the presence of some processors Qualcomm Snapdragon, everything indicates that the first OnePlus Pad tablet will have the support of Google services, leaving the only unknown to know your new personalized mask. And it is not surprising the suitability of the arrival date of this device, within the framework of the collaboration between OnePlus and Oppo, with the pooling of its research and development teams, resources, and the predicted merger of its operating systems.

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