OnePlus Nord, several products on the way: series close to independence?

It still wouldn’t be an independent brand as some rumors suggested earlier last month, but we’d be close. The latest rumors about the OnePlus Nord family coming from Mukul Sharma suggest the arrival of such a variety of products that the rumor of the beginning of July immediately comes to mind, according to which OnePlus at some point would have turned Nord into a brand of its own a bit like Xiaomi did a couple of years ago with Redmi.

The current OnePlus Nord line is already sufficiently articulated. There are smartphones of different price ranges, wired and wireless headphones, and several other products are about to arrive, moreover segments not yet explored. Reference goes to Nord Watch which should represent a cheap variant of OnePlus Watch (which costs very little, 159 euros), Nord Band which would mark the entry into a sector, that of smart bands, still unpublished even for OnePlus, and the same can be said for the smart scale always under the Nord brand.

North 3
Nord Watch
Nord Band
New North Buds
Nord smart measuring scale (not sure of the name)
and more Nord-branded AIoT products coming up.

– Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) August 19, 2022


According to the informant, they will arrive these and other products with the Nord branda sign that a line inaugurated under the sign of the early OnePlus, for which the most important aspect of all was the relationship between quality and price, will find more and more space within the range at which point it could turn into an independent brandlike Redmi or Realme, to cite an example close to OnePlus which belongs to the same industrial group as Oppo.

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The informant – curious fact – has also included the new Nord Buds and OnePlus Nord 3 in the upcoming products. It seemed that with the arrival of OnePlus Nord 2T last May the company would have limited itself to this, and that therefore for OnePlus Nord 3 it would have been necessary to wait until 2023. Reading Sharma’s tweet as a summary of the upcoming Nord the perspective changes, with OnePlus that also for the Nord range would adopt the approach held in alternating phases with premium smartphones. It would be a novelty if two Norths of the same price range arrived six months or so later.