OnePlus is accepting returns of the OnePlus 12R. The reason: their memories are slower than advertised

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1708099534 840 560.jpeg

OnePlus’ latest launch has brought some controversy, although the firm has already responded with a solution


Until this generation, OnePlus, the manufacturer that is part of the BBK Electronics conglomerate, had not launched one of its star models outside Asian territory. We refer to the versions with the surname ‘R’ at the end, whose latest exponent is the aforementioned OnePlus 12R.

The high-end of the Chinese firm now has one more member – also in Spain – that has a very capable processor without being the latest, and in general high-end hardware. However, this launch has not been as sweet as it should be for OnePlus: A communication problem is causing them to accept returns on this phone.

The ‘premium’ version of the OnePlus 12R does not have the memory it promised

OnePlus 12R Specifications

When OnePlus unveiled this unique model, we all celebrated that it reached the international market. In addition, its specifications sheet is very balanced – always looking at the high range – and complete for anyone who does not want to spend four figures on their next smartphone.

However, as a curiosity, the manufacturer wanted differentiate the two versions of memory with more than just an improvement in capacity: the 256 GB version was marked with UFS 4.0 memories, a significant improvement over the UFS 3.1 memory of the 128 GB variant. Precisely this first one is the model that is marketed in our country.

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Well, as we read in Android Authority, OnePlus retracted this statement and commented that all variants came with UFS 3.1 memories. In fact, we can see the difference on their official website, where they have already corrected the information.

Oneplus 12r
Above, the current specifications sheet on the OnePlus website. Below, before the change

“I am writing to you today to let you know that we have made an error in our communications for the OnePlus 12R and to explain what happens next,” said OnePlus president Kinder Liu on the forum. OnePlus Community.

“Due to a bug, we claimed that Trinity Engine-enhanced storage would be UFS 4.0 on some variants. I can now confirm that storage on all variants of the OnePlus 12R is still Trinity Engine-enhanced, but it’s actually UFS 3.1

After apologizing for this error, he added that consumers who have purchased or reserved a OnePlus 12R can contact customer service to deal with the misunderstanding, implying in a last post who accept refunds.

“On behalf of our team, I would like to apologize to everyone for this mistake,” said Kinder Liu.

What is this Trinity Engine? It is a set of improvements in the OnePlus software, which have debuted with OxygenOS 14, to maintain the good performance of the firm’s devices. It will work in the same way on UFS 3.1 drives, so you should not worry about the absence of this technology – beyond the considerable jump in reading and writing speed – and even less so taking into account the powerful hardware that the device has.

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