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Oneplus has exposed information from its users in the dumbest way you can imagine

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There are many ways that user information ends up (unintentionally) on the internet, leaked on dark web servers and even ripping from computer to computer after a high-level attack carried out against strategic companies. However, What is not very common is that, without asking anyone, it is a company that gives it to the world without putting up resistance.

Something like that It has happened with OnePlus, which has exposed the personal data of some of its users in the silliest way you can imagine, thanks to the little expert, or careless, the hand of a worker who today does not know what the “Bcc” option means within their email manager, and who has preferred to make an official communication using only the “Cc” function. Do you know what we are talking about?

Privacy in email addresses

“Bcc” and “Cc” are two terms that you use daily when sending an email. The first is the one that configures the “hidden copy”, which allows you to send the same message to dozens of contacts in your calendar without anyone knowing who else you are sending it to him. In this way, the privacy of those referred to in the email is protected and nobody has access to information that could later be used maliciously.

List of OnePlus users without a hidden copy.

“Cc”, as surely everyone also knows, is the option that sends “with a copy” to all the addresses that we need to communicate the same email, and where we can all see each other. And this is precisely the one OnePlus used to send a corporate communication to its registered users. How many? Well, some of the recipients speak of hundreds, which should not be too funny for those who have seen their email addresses go unfiltered to many inboxes in … how many countries?

Is it really a danger? Well, the answer is yes, clearly. There is no better data for a hacker than knowing a user on whose behalf he can write to his email looking to perform a phishing attack. These threats to which we are exposed, try to impersonate legitimate messages that are fake, and that redirect us to web domains prepared to steal our personal and bank data easily.

Know that a user has a registered account in OnePlus makes it easy for you to tempt them, to cajole them with a bait related to that membership (a promotion, a gift, a discount, etc.), so that their chances of success are multiplied. Hence the importance of privacy in our data being treated professionally by companies that maintain communications with us.

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