OnePlus does not stop: it could launch its first folding phone this year

OnePlus does not stop: it could launch its first folding phone this year

Yesterday OnePlus announced new devices such as a mechanical keyboard or his first tablet, apart from the international arrival of his new high-end smartphone. But he also left a small space in which he talked about future devices, and one of the things that caught the most attention was that it is confirmed that the company will launch its own foldable phone.

Sooner or later, a device of this type from OnePlus had to reach the market, and it seems that the firm did not want to wait much longer and, from what could be learned, the design of everything that is necessary to put it to use is quite advanced. sale in the market. So much so that, if the accounts do not go wrong for the company, the terminal would be a reality in the third quarter of this same year 2023. Therefore, Companies like Samsung, OPPO or Xiaomi are going to have one more rival to compete with (and, meanwhile, Apple is not there and, for now, it is not expected either).

Upon arrival is a complete reality

This is something that must be very clear, OnePlus itself has acknowledged that it will launch a folding smartphone and that, in addition, the date is quite clear as we have indicated before. Therefore, it appears that the firm wishes to explore the possibilities of a growing market segment… quite the opposite of traditional models. In this way, the idea that Asians have of expanding their horizons with different products, such as tablets, is clearly seen, which is always positive.

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OnePlus foldable phone design

It even seems that in the next event Mobile World Congress 2023 which will be held as always in Barcelona, ​​it is possible to see both a new phone concept that the company has prepared and, possibly, some sample of the folding model will also be possible to see at said fair. According to the few images that were seen in yesterday’s presentation, everything indicates that the option chosen in the fold is known as Flip (which simulates the shell terminals of a few years ago).

Not much else is known for now

Beyond being clear that the specifications will be important, for example, the processor will be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 12GB RAM to be able to compete in the folding market, it is thought that the name of the phone would be OnePlus Fold. And this is not unreasonable, taking into account the options chosen, for example, on your new tablet. The fact is that this mobile segment is encouraged and this is always good for users.