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OnePlus 10 Ultra, rumors are in development: the new variant arrives at the end of the year?

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While we Europeans are waiting for the debut of oneplus-10-pro-official-lots-of-power-china-prices-but-it-will-also-come-to-us/">OnePlus 10 Pro, presented in China at the beginning of the month, and the world is waiting for a standard variant (which should arrive in the summer), the rumors give us a “juicy” indiscretion: the company is cooking a Ultra variant of its top of the range line that would arrive in the second half of the year.

The change of pace of OnePlus, which in recent times has been evident, is evident significantly changed its strategy. At one time the company presented its top of the range at the gates of summer (two in recent years), to then update them in the second half of the year with a “T” variant. Four premium smartphones a year, while for some time the T series has been canceled to allocate resources to the Development of products that are positioned in the lower market segments, see OnePlus Nord 2 for example.

Technology sharing between OnePlus & Oppo is in Full swing, Find X5 series gets Hasselblad treatment and I’m hearing that MariSilicon will be seen on a OnePlus Flagship in the 2nd Half of this year.

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There are rumors of an Ultra flagship from OnePlus in the EVT phase right now.

– Yogesh Brar (@heyitsyogesh) January 25, 2022

Now OnePlus, to capture the chatter of the network, could return to make people talk about itself and its top of the range in the second half of the year with an unprecedented Ultra variant of its flagship products. The novelty would be the result of the synergies with the parent company Oppo announced last year: the partnership with Hasselblad signed by OnePlus should encroach on Oppo starting from the Find X5 series, while the latter is would repay with the first giving up part of the Find X5 Pro + project for the construction of a OnePlus 10 Ultra.

The main focuses of MariSilicon X

That it would already be in development: it would be going through the EVT phase, that is the preliminary checks that the designers carry out on the very first prototypes before proceeding to the subsequent development phases. On the OnePlus 10 Ultra, of course, the information is hiding, but the source of the indiscretion suggests that Oppo will allow OnePlus to use on the top of the range the MariSilicon X Neural Processing Unit made official last month, which should give an edge to the photographic sector.

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MariSilicon X will show what it is capable of on the Oppo Find X5 range, then it will be ready to sneak out of the Oppo labs in the direction of the OnePlus ones.

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