One UI 5.1, the battery no longer lasts as long as it used to? Here is guilty and solution


The specter of Samsungs with little regard for the battery is back. With the latest generations of One UI, the interface for smartphones and tablets, Seoul has managed to get rid of the commonplace that the Galaxy had a shorter range than most of the competition, with the same chip and battery size. But with the One UI 5.1 not everything went smoothly, and now Samsung is forced to admit that something is wrong.


The “confession” is in the Thai community, where a moderator headlines: “After updating to One UI 5.1 your device’s battery will drain faster”. In short, Samsung speaks with a certain conviction, it is certain that most of the users who have installed the latest version of the user interface are having to deal with a faster drain than available milliampere hours. Charge percentage goes down faster, like it used to.

But now, unlike in the past, not only is there an admission but there is also a suspect, a problem that the company says they have fixed.

We can confirm – writes the moderator of the official community – that the Samsung keyboard included in One UI 5.1 puts more strain on the battery due to an issue with stickers and emojis.

L’update according to Samsung, however, it has been available for more than a month since March 2ndand at this point the legitimate question remains unanswered as to why Samsung makes everything public only now, when the bug, with automatic updates, for many should have returned some time ago.

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“So – continues – update the Samsung Keyboard app to the latest version available on the Galaxy Store, the″ or later. There is no list of models subject to abnormal battery drain, all those with One UI 5.1 and a keyboard version earlier than the one indicated above should be more or less affected.


There are two ways to updateyou can take the one you find most comfortable:

  1. you open Galaxy StoreMenuUpdatesKeyboard Samsung – key Update
  2. you open Keyboard SamsungSettingsInformation on Keyboard Samsung – key Update.

If the app is updated to the latest version available at that moment (the Galaxy Store in fact by default periodically updates all apps automatically) the key Update may not be shown. Some doubts on the fact that the moderator of the Thai community has told the whole story, especially on the culprits of the drain, however, persists. We will follow the developments.