One step closer to "free WhatsApp": The latest beta update for Android gives us details about the imminent change

one step closer to quotfree whatsappquot the latest beta update.webp.webp.webp
one step closer to quotfree whatsappquot the latest beta update.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app, is not exempt from the tentacles of the DMAthe European regulations that are about to come into force. The service owned by Meta has been preparing for this big change since last year, in which it must open up to chats from third-party applications such as Telegram.

That is why it will change forever this month. However, before users can take advantage, developers must make this functionality fully ready. They have been doing it for a while, giving us clues about how it will work: these “external” chats can be seen in an exclusive section. Now, a new beta of WhatsApp for Android provides more details.

A beta that shows us the third-party chat screen

This is nothing new about the Digital Markets Act, better known by its acronym DMA (Digital Markets Act, in English). It has been shaking the foundations of the sector for some time, even causing the hermetic Apple open your operating system to alternative app stores. On WhatsApp, designated as ‘gatekeeper‘ (a condition that obliges him to ensure compliance with this law), will cause they have to open to chats from other applications and services.

This historic regulation will debut on March 6, that is, this Wednesday, and will bring the WhatsApp interoperability with other messaging applications such as Signal or Telegram. This weekend, WABetaInfo discovered more details about the change, thanks to two beta updates to WhatsApp for Android.

In versions and, there are clear indications of how the app would enable messages from external services. First of all, we see a chat information screen which is still in development, where third-party apps will appear. In the screenshot, Instagram, although the specialized website itself has confirmed that it is not classified as a third-party app.

Whatsapp Interoperability

Image from WABetaInfo

On the other hand, beta, after the first mentioned, offers us a summary of how we can manage third-party chats in the Meta app. Apparently, This function can be disabledand we will have a complete list of apps that would have access to third-party chats.

While Meta is developing the Android version of WhatsApp, Apple phones will also receive this feature. One that should be very close to its launch if they want to avoid problems, in fact, could be imminent.

According to WhatsApp’s recent notice, this interoperability function will only be in Europe, so if you are outside everything will continue to work as before. Of course, these third-party chats will not have the same characteristics: we know that group chats cannot be opened, as well as making video calls or voice calls. However, they could arrive in future updates after the big change.

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