One of the secrets of the iPhone 15 has been revealed: this will be its USB Type-C port

One of the secrets of the iPhone 15 has been revealed: this will be its USB Type-C port

One of the changes that They will arrive on the iPhone 15 is that they will use as a loading port usb type c instead of Lightning. A decision by the European Union has led to this being the case and, therefore, this is something that is going to happen yes or yes. The way in which the Cupertino company will do this is not yet officially known, but we can already have a slight idea due to some images that have been shared.

The truth is that the most curious ideas have been speculated on and could even be classified as strange (an example is that both Lightning and USB type C coexist on this year’s iPhone). But, the truth is that it seems that Apple has finally decided to go the more traditional path and, simply, The connection interface is changed to leave it in the same area in which it has always been in the phones of the well-known manufacturer. Therefore, it does not seem that the modification we are talking about will have design implications.

A picture is worth a thousand words

As It can be seen In the image just behind this paragraph, it seems that in the end the change in the charging interface will not mean any change in the way the phone will be used. Therefore, any kind of fear must disappear. Of course, there will be gains such as the possibility of increase fast charge power of the terminal if so decided by Apple.

USB Type C port on an iPhone 15

A render that shows what the design of the iPhone 15 would be like

Apart from what was indicated before, other images of what the design of the iPhone 15 will be like have been published. And these come to confirm some details regarding what the phone that will be presented in September will offer, as is usual by Apple. So, for example, the back of the shared clearly shows that the combination of three sensors in the Pro models will be maintainedso there will be no news in the cameras, at least in the number of elements it refers to.

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Possible design of the iPhone 15

On the other hand, the position of the buttons does not change at all either, something that makes sense and that is positive for those who are already used to using phones from the company with the bitten apple. But, yes, it is appreciated that the frames will be much smaller, which is a change that must be taken into account at least from the source of the images: a cover company that is already working on the designs of those that it will launch for the iPhone 15.