One of the best alternatives to Teslas now has its own mobile: this is the new Polestar Phone


The Polestar Phone

Polestar has announced that it will launch its own smartphone to accompany its electric cars, with an exclusive design.

Car manufacturers have discovered a new way to expand and link their latest advances with the technology that drivers use every day: the mobile phone. In just a few months, several brands have started the development of their own smartphone, and it is no secret that Elon Musk himself wants to create a Tesla mobile phone to ‘escape’ from the Google and Apple app stores.

But while Musk thinks about it, his rivals have attacked first. Recently it was one of his great Chinese rivals, NIO, which presented its own smartphone; and now it is the turn of his great rival in the West, Polestar. The Swedish brand is one of the few that can compare its electric cars with those of Tesla and come out ahead in aspects such as performance, design and price.

Now, Polestar intends to go one step further. Along with the announcement that its new Polestar 4 will begin mass production next week, the company has surprisingly presented its first Android-based smartphonewhich will be released very soon: next December.

The Polestar Phone is presented as the perfect companion for Polestar cars; a device that shares many of its characteristics, such as a modern and elegant design and almost completely in white; only the yellow details on the rear cameras stand out.

Although hardly anything of the interface has been shown, what has been seen in the preview video indicates that the system will be very minimalist, with a completely blank home screen where icons and widgets stand out with their flat color notes. According to Polestar, this mobile draws inspiration from the aesthetics of cars, “accentuating the unique identity of the brand.” And as a final touch, the name “Polestar” engraved on the side of the device.

The Polestar Phone interface will be minimalist

That a company that has no experience in the smartphone sector is going to be able to launch one so quickly is a clue that this mobile phone is not exactly new. The device It looks like a modified version of the Meizu 20, something that is evident when we compare them; Polestar has not tried to hide the true origin of the mobile, since Meizu CEO, Shen Ziyu, appeared at the conference to talk about the synergy between both companies.

Therefore, in the Polestar Phone we can expect hardware similar to the Meizu 20, including its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the 6.55-inch OLED screen and the triple cameras, with a main one of 50 Mpx. However, it is possible that some components, such as the processor, may be updated to the latest available version.

In addition to the exclusive design, The Polestar Phone will be integrated with the Polestar OS system, based on Android Automotive with Google apps; although details are scarce at the moment. Actually, this collaboration between Polestar and Meizu is not entirely surprising; Both are owned by the Chinese giant Geely, which has already developed its own operating system for cars, Flyme Auto.

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