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Official: Windows 11 will allow you to use controllers in Android games

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There is nothing like playing with a controller to perform at your best in many video games, such is the case of sports and fighting titles. Therefore, the news that Windows 11 will allow you to use controls in Android games is very good.

Since February, Android apps can be used in Windows 11, now games are added to this function.

Now you can pair a PS4 controller to play Call of Duty: Mobile, for example. But the range of possibilities is very wide, since it will also be possible to connect the Xbox controller or use the always efficient Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

So, the information is official, you can use android game controllers if you have Windows 11. But that’s not all, another interesting feature is that they will also work with keyboard mapping. The gaming experience will improve significantly, especially in competitive titles.

Windows 11 fulfills the promise of being able to use controllers in Android games

The update that will have this new feature is the 2206.40000.15.0 package. This is already being launched in the United States and they are distributing it through Windows Insiders. In addition to fixing some bugs in the OS, its objective is none other than to optimize the use of Android apps on the computer.

As we mentioned, the update brings with it support for controllers and key mapping for apps and video games that are installed on Windows 11. It is very clear that the new features are aimed at gamers of mobile titles.

Despite this, other interesting improvements that it incorporates are the optimization of movement, use of networks and restructuring of some of the security protocols of the operating system.

Finally, it has not yet been announced when the update will arrive in Spain. We hope it arrives soon because it is already being distributed in the United States. But, going a little further, the good thing about all this is that Microsoft is working hard to perfect the maximum compatibility of Windows with Android, which is really great.

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