Off the air: Twitter faces instability this Saturday (1st), according to users


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Users of twitter report instabilities on the social network between late morning and early afternoon this Saturday (1st). According to the reports, the searches and results of the “for you” tab of the platform were not being displayed for multiple profiles.

When trying to access these tools, users were faced with messages like “Oops, something went wrong” and “Limit rate exceeded”. The DownDetector website, which monitors the availability of digital services, received hundreds of reports of failures.

It is worth noting that the warning “Limit rate exceeded” it is related to a temporary block that the platform does when there is excessive use of an account, but many people point out that they have not done anything different on their profiles on the social network.


In the tests that were done by the AllCellularthe Twitter application had the same problems mentioned in the search tabs and “for you”. Already in the network version for the desktops, everything worked fine. The reason for the instability is still unknown.

terms like “My Twitter” and “Elon Musk” ended up among the most commented on the social network. However, Twitter’s API status states that “all systems are operational”. .

Check out some publications from Twitter users about the instabilities below:

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