NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 is used to run GTA V at 16K with realism mod

NVIDIA's RTX 4090 is used to run GTA V at 16K with realism mod

THE RTX 4090 was used to run another game in very high resolution. This time, the chosen title was GTA Vwhich, as with Horizon Zero Dawn, also featured a graphic mod focused on realism and ray tracing to improve the visual part of the game. The resolution, in turn, reached 16K with considerable performance.

The video of the feat was published by the channel ‘Digital Dreams‘ at the Youtube, which brought the content into a production of almost 9 minutes. In it, the user can check the gameplay of the rockstar with double resolution scale of 7680 x 4320. However, even with the mod, it is possible to notice that it is not a currently released title.

In other words, it is a result comparable to that of Genshin Impact, which even running at 13K with the NVIDIA RTX 4090, it was evident that it was not a game released only for PC and consoles, since it was also developed with the mobile platform in mind. Still, the high resolution achieved with the GPU impressed in several respects.

Throughout the gameplay shown on Youtube, the game did not reach 60FPS, but even with the user walking through the urban streets of the map, it was above 30FPS with moments that even reached more than 40FPS. So, in a way, it’s something that a lot of people consider playable.

With that, it remains to be seen what the next games will be to appear in such high resolutions. After all, even if the result does not compare with current titles, they still serve to show a little of what NVIDIA’s GPU can do in terms of graphics power.

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