NVIDIA says RTX 4090 cables melted due to wrong installation by users

NVIDIA says RTX 4090 cables melted due to wrong installation by users

Weeks after NVIDIA began its investigations following reports of the RTX 4090’s power cables burning and melting, the company said it knew why: they were not connected correctly🇧🇷

In a post on its customer support forum, NVIDIA said it has not completed the investigation, but preliminary results indicate that the improperly seated connector was the common cause of the 50 incidents.

NVIDIA’s flagship graphics card uses a power cable called 12VHPWR, a new standard that is not natively supported by most power supplies that users have on their PCs.

For this reason, it ships an adapter in the RTX 4090 box. Initially, users accused the adapter of causing the power cables to burn or melt, including damaging the GPU, which has a suggested price of BRL 14,999 in Europe.

Breeding: GamersNexus.

With the post, NVIDIA disclaims blame and quietly holds users accountable for the issues. Previously, many speculated that the problem was caused by something more complex, such as inefficient soldering or wires that were too small to handle the massive amount of power required for the board to function properly.

The company also released an image of how the connector would look when not fully connected and proves to be something difficult to identify, as it is only two millimeters apart to be properly seated.

Playback: NVIDIA.

However, GamersNexus, a well-respected site in the PC gaming community, also conducted rigorous testing and came to the same conclusion as NVIDIA. In a video posted this week, adapters damaged by users were analyzed and it was proven that they were not fitted correctly by a few millimeters.

A spokesperson for NVIDIA assured GamersNexus that any burnt cables or damage to the RTX 4090 itself will be processed and replaced.

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