NVIDIA RTX 5000 “Ada” GPU has 15360 cores and 32GB of GDDR6 memory, claims leaker

NVIDIA RTX 5000 “Ada” GPU has 15360 cores and 32GB of GDDR6 memory, claims leaker
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Supposed information about the GPU NVIDIA RTX 5000 made with the Ada architecture Lovelace appeared this Wednesday (22). The model must have 15360 CUDA cores and 32 GB of GDDR6 video memory for a very interesting performance.

The information is from leaker kopite7kimi, one of NVIDIA’s most well-known hardware leakers. For comparison, this possible RTX 5000 configuration is much more than any consumer RTX 40 GPU, which has up to 24GB.

At the same time, these professional RTX GPUs aren’t using the more capable GDDR6X standard. If these specs are accurate, that means the RTX 5000 must also be using the AD102 GPU as the AD103 can only offer 10240 cores.

Also, NVIDIA would have to cut the AD103 memory bus to 256 bits to match the 32GB configuration. There is no information on when this model will be launched by the company, but it should happen in the coming months.

please note that NVIDIA just announced the RTX 4000 GPU for workstations. This is an entirely different class of product than the RTX 6000 Ada, the flagship GPU for professionals with the most powerful 18176-core AD102 GPU.

The RTX 4000 Ada Generation (the old Quadro line) has almost 3 times less cores, but at the same time it occupies a much smaller physical space and does not require auxiliary power. The company may still launch new RTX 5000 and 4500 SKUs at a later date.

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