NuraTrue Pro, the wireless headphones with lossless audio

It’s not easy to stream audio via Bluetooth without losing quality. There are limitations to wireless bandwidth, audio is compressed and needs to be processed to be transmitted correctly, which is why lossless audio needs to be looked at carefully when it comes to wireless headphones.

That’s why a new Kickstarter campaign is having such a hit with audiophiles, raising over €1.5 million in a campaign that only needed €16,000.

They have introduced the NuraTrue Pro, the first wireless headphones to support lossless audio over Bluetooth, with adaptive active noise cancellation and spatial audio powered by Dirac® Virtuo.

It’s true that many streaming audio services, including Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, already have support for lossless audio, but there’s no point in turning it on if you don’t have headphones that take advantage of it. From mobile, with Bluetooth, it is difficult to achieve this, and the NuraTrue Pro achieves it by avoiding the typical compression of between 31% and 56% to be able to transmit.

They do this using Qualcomm aptX™ Lossless, which is necessary to transmit CD-quality (16-bit/44.1 kHz) lossless data, bit by bit, as captured in the recording studio.

On their website they show three audio tracks to verify the difference. One of them shows lossless audio emitted by the new NuraTrue Pro, in another the one emitted by the AirPods Pro (AAC at 256 Kbps) and the third audio shows the difference between the first two.

It is true that it is necessary to have a very sensitive ear to notice the difference, most people will not notice any, but those who do will find headphones of this type a real blessing.

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The NuraTrue Pro outputs up to 1.2Mbps, and is also backward compatible with Qualcomm aptX™ Adaptive/Classic, including support for 24-bit/96kHz lossy audio at 880Kbps (~80% lossless).

They sell them for about 215 euros on their kickstarter page.