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Now yes: how to transfer your entire Google library to YouTube Music

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Although it may seem an anachronism, Millions of users still trust their personal Music libraries, achieved from the digitization of their own CDs, those that we bought in the 90s. So with the arrival of this tool, we can finally migrate all those songs from Play Music to the current and definitive YouTube Music.

A couple of months ago we told you that the handover tool for that library had been released. What’s more, we describe step by step how to do it based on what Google had published on its blog, but it has not been until recent days that it is finally available to Spanish users. If you have thousands of songs stored in the Mountain View cloud, the time has come for you to start the process.

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Quick, easy and in the background

This transfer of all the information from our personal Play Music account is done through the YouTube Music application, either on the smartphone or on a computer. All you have to do is tap on the avatar of your user account in Google, top right, and open the options menu. There we go to “Settings”.

Transfer music from Google to YouTube Music.

You will see at the bottom a function, which is the one that has just been activated and is now available to all users in our country, which is “Transfer from Google Play Music”. Touching there we will enter a new screen that asks us to select everything that we want to transfer: from the history of reproductions to the playlists that we have created or selected and, of course, songs and albums.

When you click on transfer, the app will notify you that it starts working. Too, It will alert you that this operation will take some time and that we have to wait since the whole process is done by YouTube Music in the background, in the cloud, so we can dedicate ourselves to doing anything else with our mobile. In our case, and for a fairly high number of songs, over 50,000, the app took just under an hour.

To know that everything has been transferred without problems, just you have to go back to the YouTube Music app and check in the same menu through which you have migrated if a screen like the one you have above (on the right) that indicates “Transfer completed” appears. If so, you can already forget about Play Music.

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