Now an AI helps you look for work online

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Job search professional

AI wants to become the system with which you achieve find a new job. And, from what is being seen in this new proposal that comes from LinkedIn, it doesn’t seem like it looks bad. If you have already used this social network to look for work, now you will have a way to find a job even more comfortably.

It must be recognized that LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, the one in which publications are usually represented by corporate news and testimonials, has a huge presence. In the West it is an essential tool that connects people from all industries and, on more than one occasion, has served to make connections that would otherwise have been impossible. Now your new plan is give yourself a little push with AI when looking for a new job so that you can stop renewing your unemployment benefits online.

Your job search assistant

It is not the first time that LinkedIn has experimented with artificial intelligence. Until now it had already started to introduce some features and functions that could take advantage your Premium users. This new job search coach function is also designed for those who pay the bill or who have activated that almost miraculous trial period that can be enjoyed.

Search for a job AI LinkedIn

In any case, taking into account that LinkedIn already has one billion users as it recently announced, it is most likely that there will be many people who access this new job search system.

This is how it helps you

The technology that LinkedIn proposes to use uses a mix of advanced AI processes with the use of the millions of data that circulate through its social network. If right now the service already provides us tips while reviewing job offers, like telling us that our profile fits a position (although they don’t always hit the nail on the head and there is a lot of room for error, at least without paying for the Premium version), with this assistant the support will be much deeper. For example, when we are browsing job offers, the AI ​​will take care of giving us a summary of the proposals that we are finding.

Job analysis on LinkedIn with AI

This It will be crucial to save time, since AI will focus on those aspects to which we give the most relevance. For example, it should not be necessary to read the entire offer if we have very specific specific requirements, such as teleworking, certain language skills, or any other type of aspect that is crucial for us. Artificial intelligence will take care of making a quick summary of the offer and will focus especially on those elements to which you give the most relevance. This way you won’t have to read text for five minutes until, almost at the end, you discover something that makes that offer completely discarded.

Once you have found an offer that may be interesting to you, artificial intelligence will also help you apply for it. with the highest possible success rate. What the assistant will do, in this case, is tell you which are your previous experiences that are most relevant in relation to the job that interests you. This is really positive, since it is common for our work history to have many jobs and not all of them are of interest in a candidacy, or the best ones to highlight are not the most recent. The AI ​​will take responsibility away from you and tell you which ones you should choose. In addition, it will also give you some tips with which your LinkedIn profile will be more attractive to recruiters or professionals who may visit it thinking about hiring you.

Conversation with LinkedIn AI

They say from LinkedIn that this new assistant service is not yet activated in all Premium user accounts, but they are testing it with some before its final launch. In addition, they explain that what their coach provides is much more efficient than if, for example, you use any AI in order to try to increase your chances of finding a job. The reason is as simple as it is obvious: LinkedIn’s AI knows you perfectly from the data it has and, in addition, has extreme knowledge of the job market.

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