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Nothing to launch wireless headphones using new sub-brand; see leaked images

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Nothing may launch a new sub-brand to start operating in the United States and other markets. Commenting on the matter, leaker Kuba Wojciechowski revealed that the name of the new company may be ‘Particles by XO’.

It is still unclear if the brand name is just “XO”, while the headphones are called “Particles”.

Seizing the opportunity, the leaker even revealed the first available images of the headphones sub-brand headphones. The point that most draws attention is the somewhat curious shape of the devices.

See below:

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The headphones adopt an L-shape and when they are in the ears, the larger part should be facing up. It is possible that they have a larger battery, as the extra space allows for increased capacity.

In addition, as the headphones are not transparent, this may have motivated Nothing to create a sub-brand to sell the devices, mainly to the public that likes different designs.

The charging case adopts the disc format, the numbering of the headphones is B154 and they must have active noise cancellation (ANC).

For now, Nothing does not comment on the matter, but the launch of the headphones could happen soon.

What did you think of the curious design of the headphones? Would you buy? Do you believe that the bigger battery can convince? Tell us your opinion here in the comments field.

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