Nothing Phone 2: Carl Pei reveals first transparent accessory for new generation of cell phone

Nothing Phone 1 will gain new features with update to Nothing OS 2.0 in August
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Carl Pei has already hinted that the leaked renderings of the Nothing Phone (2) are fake, but luckily today the CEO of the company has revealed an official photo of the first transparent accessory that should be exclusive to the new generation. The accessory in question is the USB-C cable that should be sold with the Nothing Phone (2).

As we can see below, the image shows that the Nothing Phone USB-C cable (2) will have a transparent tip part with a metal interior. This should be the third type of product with this design language launched by Nothing since its founding, as the company has already introduced a cell phone and several in-ear headphones.

Unfortunately the rest of the accessory is not transparent, which may have been a personal choice by the designer to show only the metal parts of the device, creating a clean look, as some wires inside the cable need to be colored to be produced.

There is still no information about the charger, but if we consider that Nothing’s design language is present in the cable, it is possible that the power adapter also has similar elements.

Speaking now of Nothing Phone (2), Carl Pei has already confirmed that the cell phone will have the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, which will certainly allow it to have new interesting features. Sources say the device is expected to have a 4,700mAh battery and support Qi wireless charging with a transparent design on the back illuminated by new integrated LEDs.

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