Nothing explains why the Phone (1) can’t reach the advertised maximum brightness of 1,200 nits

The long-awaited Nothing Phone (1) debuted last month, and at the time of the announcement, the company described the 6.55″ OLED screen as capable of reaching a 1,200 nits maximum brightness.

However, analyzes of the different media revealed that the Phone (1) can only achieve 700 nits, which is considerably less than advertised.

A few days ago, the company changed the specifications of the phone on the website without any explanation.

Now XDA has gotten an official response from Nothing regarding this change, confirming what we already knew about the phone’s maximum brightness:

The hardware is capable of up to 1,200 nits of peak brightness, but the software currently limits this to 700 nits. This decision was made to ensure a balanced user experience in terms of heat and battery consumption.

We look forward to hearing from our users on this issue and will closely monitor feedback to understand if this needs to be addressed in future software updates.

Judging by the statement, it seems unlikely that the company will increase the brightness to 1,200 nits. However, it may release an update to do so if customers demand it.

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