Nothing does the unthinkable: the Nothing Phone (2) will be compatible with Apple’s iMessage thanks to Nothing Chats

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If your customers don’t buy your products, get iMessage

iOS and Android are two great systems. They have reached great maturity and with each new version we see that Apple incorporates elements of Android and vice versa. Since the main applications are on both systems, it would be easy to switch between one and the other… if it weren’t for the ecosystem. And, within that ecosystem, there is iMessage.

iMessage upsets Google, so much so that every so often it encourages Apple to open its iMessage system to Android RCS. Now, Nothing comes into play and has just announced that the Nothing Phone (2) will be compatible with iMessage. And it is something that has quite a bit to it.

Nothing Chats, the app that brings iMessage to Android

“I assume Tim Cook is going to watch this video”. This is how Carl Pei himself has decided to start the video that we leave below and in which they explain almost all the details about this new feature. Before we talk about that, let’s give some context about the situation.

SMS has been with us for decades and is technology from the past. For this reason, Google has been deploying the RCS messages. It is a protocol that allows you to send larger messages (so multimedia files have better quality), we have more emojis, reactions to messages, reading confirmation and other advantages.

This is something that Apple already offered years before with iMessage among its devices, but the problem is that iPhone and Android users do not enjoy these benefits of rich messages: It only works between Apple devices and Android phones. In fact, apart from the functions, there is a much more visual difference: the messages you send between Apple and Android have a green color and the messages between Apple devices have a blue color.

In fact, it is a problem in the United States, where There are iPhone users who will not switch to Android, precisely because they would lose iMessage. And yes, although in the United States they know and use apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, SMS is still the most popular system.

That said, Nothing just announced its iMessage for Android. If Apple has not opened the system… how did they achieve it? In the video above, Pei explains all the details. Basically, they use a version of the Sunbird app technology (developed by the same team) and an aesthetic and functional section developed by Nothing.

nothing chat

Sunbird is an application that is compatible with several messaging apps, RCS messages, SMS, MMS and iMessage among them. With Nothing Chats, we not only have those blue bubbles, but the rich features between users. We leave them below:

  • Conventional messages
  • Groups
  • Real-time indicators such as seeing what the other person is typing
  • voice notes
  • HD videos and photos

Other features, such as message reactions and replies, as well as read notifications, are in development and coming soon.

Two questions: why and where is our data

Given this, it is time to ask what happens to our data. According to Pei, everything is saved on your device and you don’t have to worry about privacy. Furthermore, as we can see in the Nothing websitemessages are end-to-end encrypted.

Nothing Chats is powered by Sunbird, and Sunbird’s architecture provides a system for sending a message from one user to another without storing it at any point along the way. Messages are not stored on Sunbird servers; They are only on your device. Once the message is delivered, it can only be retrieved locally from your personal device.

The other big question is…why. As Pei explains in the video, They have realized that people buy their headphones, but not the Nothing Phone. In fact, they use Nothing Ear with iPhone and one of the reasons why they do not leave the iPhone may be that difficulty escaping iMessage.

nothing chat

That’s why, Nothing Chats can be downloaded from the Play Store on a Nothing Phone (2) (we will see if it is launched later on other Android phones or on the first Nothing Phone) and we will only have to log in with our Apple ID to continue talking to our iPhone contacts.

For now, the application will soon be launched in beta for Phone (2) users in Europe, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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