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Notability for iPad adds a new “Pen” feature for a “realistic” freehand writing experience

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Notability, the popular application note-taking for iPhone, iPad and macOS, has been updated with a new function called “Pen”. According to the company, this feature provides the more paper-like drawing experience in digital note apps, including support for Apple Pencil.

Notability for iPad improves with its new update

This is the first time that Notability has offered a tool that allows users to stylize their ink strokes, add texture, and change colors after writing without any pixelation or dropouts. This is how it works according to the company:

The Notability Pencil is perfect for note taking, idea sketching, and illustration. With pressure and tilt sensitivity when paired with Apple’s original Apple Pencil, the tool provides the most realistic handwriting experience, similar to a traditional pen and pad. For the first time, users can add dimension and shading to their notes in Notability. The Pen tool allows for custom colors, and due to vector-based technology, users can even style and change the color of the Pen’s ink strokes at any time during sketch creation.

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Ginger Labs, the company behind Notability, claims that this feature is based on “vector based technology“. This is what allows users to adjust and resize Pen strokes without “loss of quality” after the fact. “Because of this, users can also style and change the color of the Pen’s ink strokes at any time during or after sketching,” the company states.

  • Changing styles and colors: The color, thickness, and style of anything you write with a pencil can change after you write it!
  • Pressure Sensitivity: To create a realistic pen experience, the opacity of the Notability Pen changes based on the amount of pressure you use.
  • Tilt-activated shading: Like a real pencil, the thickness of your line changes based on the angle of your stylus.

Notability for iPad is available on the App Store as a free download and requires a subscription to access all features. You can download the app for free and see if what it offers in excess with the annual payment makes up for it. Notability is also available for macOS and for iPhone.

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