Not even if they gave me the iPhone: I will repeat with the Google Pixel, these are my reasons

Choosing a Google Pixel is synonymous with comfort, and will make us not focus on the traditional technical specifications because everything works as it should

At the end of last year, the time came for my beloved Poco F1. After almost five years performing at the highest level, I couldn’t find any perfect substitute. I was looking for something similar in concept, a high range at a low price, something difficult these days. In the end, I opted for the little one Pixel 6Asomething I don’t regret at all, even though it has some drawbacks.

Everything flows like silk, I always have the latest version of Android and it is powerful enough on hardware to meet my expectations. I still enjoy my new phone, but something has changed in me: I have discovered the benefits of Google phones. For this, I am clear that my next phone will once again be a Pixel and not anotherand I will tell you the reasons for this decision.

Always up to date on software and I’m not just referring to Android updates

I admit it, I suffer from versionitis, that’s why I have always used Custom ROMs on my previous phones. I’ve been using Android for many years, and I enjoy it when I can take advantage of advanced features which include the new updates. In this sense, the Google Pixel is unrivaled, with the permission of Samsung and Apple.

Pixel 7a

If the Pixel 6A is a good phone, its successor covers the gaps it had

Google is the top android developer, and the first phones to receive a new iteration of the operating system are the Pixel. As is, new version, available ipso facto. And you don’t just live on Android updates, no, because Google phones also get calls Pixel Feature Drop.

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These quarterly updates add functions of the most varied, while refining the operation of the device. On the other hand, important security patches also arrive quickly, although it is true that Samsung is usually faster in supporting these elements.

In the Pixel, the components take a backseat

Something that we all do when we are going to purchase a new terminal is to look at its list of specifications, looking for something specific: whether it is a zoom camera, an ultra-powerful Qualcomm processor or X amount of RAM. I still do it, it’s true, but I have realized that the hardware goes into the background when it comes to the Pixel.

When you buy one, you know that we get a quality camera, regardless of the lens or the sensor (Google’s processing is barbaric). And the same goes for performance. It may have a better processor and GPU, but Google’s Android stands out for its fluidity, and has held up even with modest processors like the one in the Pixel 4A.

The Google Pixel are the iPhone of Android, and in a way this statement is true. Therefore, unless we have a very specific need that entails a hardware requirement, these mobiles They have everything to work well without worrying about anything else.

The Pixel ecosystem is already different from the rest

When the search giant entrusted everything to the Nexus, we saw a clean system that served as a guide for the rest of the manufacturers and developers. Because yes, the Android that equipped the Nexus It went hand in hand with its free version, known as AOSP. At that time, they couldn’t boast of exclusive features, because everything came from the source code.

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However, with the goodbye of the Nexus and the welcome of the Pixel, Google completely changed its strategy. Now, they are mobile phones made by and for the consumer, not for a group of technology fans.

And this has meant that in addition to the aforementioned Pixel Feature Droplet’s have a series of exclusive features (keeping in mind that some have gone global over the years): Now Playing, Google Camera, At-a-Glance Widget, Pixel Launcher, Google Photos Magic Eraser, Cinematic Wallpapers , the emoji workshop…

Do you want an Android mobile that works well and complies in all sections? The answer is easy, at least for me

In short, a whole suite of tools that, apart from being useful, they are differential. As if that were not enough, the relationship with other Google devices becomes simpler: Chromecast, Nest devices, Chromebook, among many others.

All these features of the Pixel are going to make it stay in the family for a long time. They captivated me with the price of my Pixel 6A and they have finally caught me with its benefits. I will continue with this compact mobile for at least a few more years, no matter what happens in the future with the Pixel 8.