“Nope!”: who inspired the main actors for their performances in the film?

“Nope!”: who inspired the main actors for their performances in the film?
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nope! (Nope) is the greatest film that the American actor, comedian, director and screenwriter jordan peele has done so far, which represents the filmmaker’s most ambitious film, after his success in 2017, Flees! Y Us of 2019. This new production of intrigue, horror, science fiction and animals hit the big screen in the United States on July 22and Latin America just landed the August 25th of the present year.

In its official synopsis, nope! account thatTwo ranchers from a remote California inland town make an unusual and chilling discovery.. In a short time, the film has managed to enter several related lists in the industry, among them the best horror movie with animals, the best horror movie in the last 5 years and the Top 100 of the best movies so far. of 2022. And their reactions have been mostly positive.

Images of “Nope”, horror movie, science fiction and animals. A Jordan Peele Story. (Universal Pictures)

nope! is starring Daniel Kaluya (Run away; Black Panther), Keke Palmer (Wall Street Scammers), Brandon Perea (Law code) Y Steven Yeun (Minari); accompanied by other actors who make up the story such as Terry Notary, Donna Mills, Michael Wincott, barbie ferrera, Jennifer Lafleur, Ryan W. Garcia Y sophia coto. Within the main cast, some made it known what inspired them to be part of this film. Find out below.

Daniel Kaluuya, main actor of "Nope!".  (Universal Pictures)
Daniel Kaluuya, main actor of “Nope!”. (Universal Pictures)

Characterizing OJ, the British actor of African descent Daniel Kaluya, in an interview with out of focus talked about who was the first person he thought of when he read the script for his character, and in this regard he hinted that Clint Eastwood was a great influence on him nope!. This is what she had to say: “When we were in production I saw the movie Dirty Harry (1971) And I saw a lot of Eastwood when I read OJ.” She added that as soon as she saw him she realized that this could be a good path for him.

  Keke Palmer, lead actress of "Nope!".  (Universal Pictures)
Keke Palmer, lead actress of “Nope!”. (Universal Pictures)

Secondly, Keke Palmer answered the same question in the following way: “I thought more of Michael J. Fox. In his brave and young energy that he had in Return to the future and what it is known for. I really thought a lot about that for Emerald. Especially with the relationship and balance that she has with OJ, Daniel’s character.”

And finally, another of the actors who could not be left out was the American-Korean actor Steven Yeun, who revealed that what inspired him the most was that Jordan he always talked about his character from the character. And that was the focal point of him to characterize that being isolated from everything.

Steven Yeun, lead actor of "Nope!".  (Universal Pictures)
Steven Yeun, lead actor of “Nope!”. (Universal Pictures)

To end, peele revealed that he introduced UFOs to this film because he wanted to mysteriously use it as a very free starting point. But above all, he emphasized that the idea of ​​it was to use that idea as a kind of initial mask of the story, in which people believed that something predictable would happen, but in the end surprise with a complete mystery. Have you seen it? If not, what are you waiting for to see it?