Nokia N73, back with a camera that stands out: 200 MP and particular design


Nokia N73: a name that comes from the past, and precisely from 2006, which could soon be topical again. The rumor comes from China: according to the CNMO newspaper, in fact, the company is about to brush up on this nomenclature for a smartphone that should be among the first to mount the Samsung’s 200 MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor unveiled last September and which is expected to debut on a Motorola device.

Nokia N73 49 x 110 x 19 mm
2.4 inches – 320×240 px



The technical details on the mysterious smartphone stop there, but on the other hand, a render which should anticipate the telephone lines. Needless to say, the camera would be the protagonist, with five sensors enclosed in an element with a sharp, asymmetrical, decidedly original foreign design and the aesthetic language seen on recent Nokia devices, and which refers, if anything, to the more original solutions that the Finnish brand adopted in the first ones. 2000s.


As always, we specify that it’s just indiscretions: at present there is nothing confirmed, and therefore it is good to take note of the rumors with due caution. Regardless of the design, which could turn out to be completely different from the proposed renderings, the hypothesis that Nokia may be among the companies that will use Samsung’s 200 MP sensor, together with Motorola but also Xiaomi, does not sound so unlikely. .


The ISOCELL HP1 (in the meantime, however, the HP3 seems to be ready) is the first photographic sensor for smartphones in the world 200 megapixel camera with 0.64 μm pixel it’s a 1 / 1.22 “sensor. Pixel binning is managed by a new technology called ChameleonCell which can group 16 pixels at the same time and form a single 12.5 MP image, with a 2.56 μm super pixel: this is a particularly suitable mode for captured shots. in conditions of precarious brightness.

In addition, the sensor also offers the possibility of joining the pixels in two by two, thus composing a 50 MP image instead. By skipping pixel binning, however, you can take advantage of the 200 MP where you are in optimal lighting conditions. On the video front, however, ISOCELL HP1 can capture videos in 8K at 30fps using the resolution of 50 MP.

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