No WhatsApp: These phones will no longer be supported from November 1st, 2021

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WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messengers in the world. This is also the case in Germany. Nevertheless, the following applies again this year for some old smartphones: WhatsApp support will be discontinued from November 1, 2021. These operating systems are affected.

WhatsApp support will be discontinued on November 1, 2021

Do you remember how you set up your WhatsApp account? It was probably a few years ago when the first mobile phone and smartphone contracts with small amounts of data came onto the market.

Back then you exchanged messages and pictures with friends, family and acquaintances. WhatsApp is now a multimedia service with a GIF function, group video chats, a newsletter function and numerous other features.

But this progress has its price. After all, the technical requirements increase with every innovation. That is why WhatsApp has been discontinuing support for some old devices and operating systems for years.

In recent years this has always happened at the turn of the year. In 2021, WhatsApp support will be discontinued on November 1, 2021.

WhatsApp support discontinued: These operating systems will be affected in 2021

On the official information page, WhatsApp announces which operating systems and smartphones will still be supported in the future. In order to guarantee a smooth process, you need:

Prominent representatives of the affected smartphones include the Samsung Galaxy S from 2010 and the iPhone 4s from October 2011.

Galaxy S3 Mini and iPhone 6S not affected

At the end of WhatsApp’s support, a list of around 40 smartphones is circulating on several portals, all of which are (allegedly) also affected. These include, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S (Plus).

However, the list is incorrect. The smartphones mentioned were delivered with an operating system that was no longer supported. However, users can update their devices to an operating system that (still) supports WhatsApp.

What can I do if WhatsApp stops working?

Before you panic because you are afraid that WhatsApp support has been discontinued, you should first go to the settings of your smartphone and check whether there is an update for your operating system.

On Android devices, open the Device information the Software info and choose there System update the end. iPhone users go to the tab “Generally“And click there”Software update” at.

If these updates do not change anything, your smartphone is probably actually too old for WhatsApp. In this case you either need a new smartphone or you switch to SMS or another messenger.