‘No valid QR code has been found’: the problem that prevents you from using WhatsApp Web has an easy solution

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One of the best WhatsApp utilities is its web version or WhatsApp Web, which allows us to access the messaging application from different devices without having to install anything, which is ideal for those who manage several accounts or for those who are on computers that are not theirs, such as the work computer. Entering our WhatsApp to use it via the web is generally a quick and simple process, but sometimes unexpected problems may appear, such as ‘No valid QR code found’ message when trying to sync devices. If this has happened to you, this is how you can fix it and use WhatsApp Web.

The steps to follow to use WhatsApp Web on a device with a QR code (there is already another alternative that you can actually try in case this error appears) there are essentially three: go to the website https://web.whatsapp.com/, where a QR code will appear. On the other hand, we open WhatsApp on our phone and in ‘Settings‘ > ‘Linked devices‘we play on’Pair a device‘ so that a camera appears with which to read the code, the blue button. In a matter of seconds, our account information and chats should be uploaded to the second device.

Normally this operation will be carried out successfully, but occasionally the message ‘No valid QR code found‘, which results in not being able to use WhatsApp on the other device.

No valid QR code found: what’s happening

The reasons for this error could be several, so we are going to rule them out. These are the most common and their solution:

  • QR code no longer works. It is important to keep in mind that QR codes are not eternal, but are dynamic, that is, WhatsApp renews them every so often for security reasons (that someone other than you reads it without your authorization, for example). This means that if we have the code open for a while and unread, it may expire. So if in doubt, refresh the page.
  • Be careful with which application you read it. Whether due to an error or because we are not very clear about the configuration process, it may happen that you remember that the code is read with the camera (which is true, as long as we use the phone lenses to view it), but not through the camera and yes from within WhatsApp itself, with the route explained above. Or even, you are inside WhatsApp but click on any of the camera icons that you can see, which can be used for tasks such as sharing stories or taking a photo to go through a chat.
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The two previous explanations are the most common, but perhaps neither one nor the other is true, in which case it may happen that we have the WhatsApp application without updating and it crashes. If in doubt, check if WhatsApp has pending updates and proceed. Or it could also be the fault of the browser and its cache, perhaps with an error in memory. In that case it would be clear cache and repeat the process.

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