‘No strong signal’ Ireland’s summer will heat up, says Met Eireann forcaster Joanna Donnelly

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Met Eireann forecaster Joanna Donnelly has warned that Ireland’s disappointing summer isn’t set to warm up anytime soon.

Parts of Leinster and Munster are expected to see the year’s highest temperatures today, but this will be “replaced by cooler weather” within a few hours.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, Joanna Donnelly said any heat this morning won’t last long.

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She said: “Today it is really just Leinster and Munster and it is the start of the day because there’s rain to the west and north at the moment.

“Temperatures, generally, around the country are going to be between 15C and 19C and that cooler, fresher weather with patchy rain is actually on its way southwards to all areas.

“So, we’ve got a lovely start this morning in Leinster and Munster and temperatures are already 18C in the Phoenix Park – but they’re going to be replaced by that cooler weather certainly in the next few hours.”

Ms Donnelly noted Ireland’s “cold start” to the summer and said there’s no “strong signal” of heat arriving anytime soon.

“In the past, we always talked about the Leaving Cert weather, those lovely sunny conditions we always felt when it was a time to do exams,” she said.

“That is the Azores high which usually gets to creep up over the country at this time of year but this year, that has really been held at bay by quite an active Atlantic and it is quite cool.

“We’ve been staying on the north side of the polar front, which is of course the dividing line between the warm air to the south.

“It is certainly really warm in the south at the moment and the north, but the cooler air to the north is winning out at the moment and it is pushing down over the country.”

“At the moment, there’s no strong signal for any real heat coming our way.”

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