No more blind spots: Xiaomi’s latest camera is the latest in home security

no more blind spots xiaomi's latest camera is the latest in home security
no more blind spots xiaomi's latest camera is the latest in home security

The Asian company has presented a new home surveillance camera that has the peculiarity that it brings together two lenses. With it, we will be able to be sure that we are aware of everything that is happening in our home.

Xiaomi’s catalog completes a large number of categories with which to cover the needs of its customers. Of all of them, the home sector is one that receives the most attention from the company, with different products that allow us to turn our home into a more comfortable, intelligent and safe space. One of the best examples of this is found in video surveillance cameras.

Recently, Xiaomi has presented the renewal of the CW500 Dual outdoor camera , whose main novelty with respect to the previous model has to do with the incorporation of two vision lenses in the same device. In this way, we avoid the classic blind spots that have always been one of the great challenges to overcome in everything that has to do with the surveillance of our home. In addition, it also allows us to monitor the interior and exterior space of our home at the same time.

A wider field of vision

The CW500 Dual outdoor camera offers us, on the one hand, the fixed lens. Which, in essence, is exactly the same as what the simple CW500 model already has . Right at the top, Xiaomi has taken advantage of the available space to make this device even more attractive to its community: adding a second lens that can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction. As is usual in the Asian manufacturer’s products, both lenses can be managed from our mobile device. Therefore, we will always be able to access everything that is being recorded in the cameras from our smartphone or tablet. Consolidating itself as an option to take into account when, for example, we are away from our home for a few days.

Initially, this is a model that is developed specifically for outdoor use. And, depending on the possibilities, it even allows us with the same device to record both everything that happens in the outdoor space and when accessing the interior of the home. However, we can also use the camera to record all outdoor spaces, avoiding the classic dead spots that represent one of the main security threats.

It should also be taken into account that in the Asian market it has been presented through the usual Youpin crowdfunding platform at a more than attractive price: slightly more than 40 euros at the exchange rate . Although, yes, it has not yet been specified about the possible cost that it will have when landing in the European market, if it does so.

Resistance to external elements

In both lenses we find identical specifications: with a resolution of 4 megapixels and an aperture of f/1.6. In the case of the video format, we will be able to record in 2.5K resolution, so we will always be able to obtain a clear image with which we can interpret everything that happens around us.

In order to avoid any unforeseen event caused by bad weather, Xiaomi has added IP66 protection, so we will not have to worry if it rains or any other inclement weather occurs.

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