No Google Maps: this is what I use to get around Madrid and avoid fines

no google maps this is what i use to get.webp.webp.webp
no google maps this is what i use to get.webp.webp.webp

Last January, they came into force the restrictions of the ‘Madrid 360’ plan of the Madrid City Council that has replaced to the old ‘Madrid Central’. These restrictions, as Madrid residents will already know, mainly affect the so-called Low Emissions Zone (ZBE).

To know what rules apply to each vehicle, the City Council has enabled a special websitein addition to an app what tells you the fastest and most economical route to reach your destination. Like a specific Google Maps of the city of Madrid.

A web+app combo to get around Madrid

Madrid Mobility 360

Image: EMT Madrid

The ‘Madrid 360’ plan is turning more than one head upside down. I myself, who am from Madrid by birth, often have doubts about where can I drive or park with my car.

Especially when I see one of those signs that tells you that you are entering the Low Emissions Zone (ZBE) or to the Low Emission Zones of Special Protection (ZBEDEP) Central District and Plaza ElĂ­ptica. And be careful, there are no less than 257 cameras monitoring compliance with the rules.

Madrid 360

To avoid fines, I have resorted on more than one occasion to the ‘Madrid 360’ websitethat just by entering the car license plate or indicate your environmental label, it tells you if you can access a certain area, where you can park and what happens to your vehicle if the high pollution protocol is activated.

In addition to this website, the EMT (Madrid Municipal Transport Company) has a free app that allows you plan your trips around the city and informs you of the estimated CO2 emissions that the various alternatives represent.

In fact, it gives you the choice between the fastest and most economical routetaking into account the different mobility options in Madrid: buses, metro, train, bicycles, taxi, scooters…

Madrid Mobility 360 02

One of the functions that I like the most about this app is that it shows you the bus occupancy level. And if it is high, it suggests alternatives, whether it be a second route with lower occupancy or another time to take your original route.

Another very useful thing is that, if you register, you can pay the ticket easy access to the bus from the app or use the BiciMAD and BiciMAD go systems with QR unpinning associated with your account. Oh, and it shows the traffic status, something that, with the usual traffic jams in Madrid, it is good to know in advance.

Madrid Mobility360

The EMT Madrid mobility application that allows you to plan your

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