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No Exynos on Galaxy S24, dust resistance possible for Z Fold and Flip 5

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The Galaxy S23s have been official for a month, and it may sound strange that we are already talking about Galaxy S24. What is the accuracy of an indiscretion that comes almost a year after the presentation, some will think. Legitimate question, were it not that the decisions on some components of the project are taken well in advance of the moment of the “therefore”, for example deciding now which chip to use on a product a year away could be too late.

It is very likely that Samsung has already decided on the chip to be used on the Galaxy S24, so although some may have the feeling that it is premature to talk about chips, in reality now we may already have old information. An insider explained via Twitter that the Galaxy S24 range will not have any Exynos chips. Samsung would have given up on its chips altogether, and although it was thought that the “Qualcomm for everyone” strategy should be a parenthesis, it seems that the reality is another.

samsung galaxy s23 ultra pic samsung galaxy s23 pic
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 78.1 x 163.4 x 8.9 mm
6.8 inches – 3080x1440px
Samsung Galaxy S23 70.9 x 146.3 x 7.6mm
6.1 inches – 2340×1080 px


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The insider who distributed the news is not the best known, so be careful to assume that there won’t be any Galaxy S24 with Exynos chip. However the hypothesis is plausible: Convincing Qualcomm to provide a special edition Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy with just one year of partnership behind it, well… that’s hard to believe. So it’s not so out of this world to speculate that the Galaxy S24s may not have any Exynos chips, like the S23s (which, in fact, did very well, see the S23 Ultra review or the S23 “standard “).


Another rumor of the past few hours that Samsung brings up is what it concerns Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. We return to insisting on the teardrop hinge that we talked about a few weeks ago, the one that with the phone closed would make it possible to eliminate the gap between the two halves of the display. An informant through his Twitter profile confirmed the presence of a new hinge on the next generation of leaflets adding that Samsung is considering certifying them as dust resistant.


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Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 for example are IPX8 resistant, therefore to water but not to dust. The new structure would close some entry ways to dirt, so evidently with a feasible investment they would be able to pass certification tests. Samsung would be reflecting, a decision still would not have been made. A challenge within the challenge anyway, since according to the rumor Galaxy Z Fold 5 will weigh less than the current Z Fold 4.

The difference is quantified around 10 grams, probably a few for a balance that currently stops at over 260 grams but, if filed in the right places, passing from the old to the new generation, the change could also be noticeable. The new generation of leaflets should probably debut this summer in August.

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