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No downgrade: Apple stops signing iOS 16 and 16.0.1 after iOS 16.0.2 release

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Apple recently released iOS 16.0.2, an update to the operating system that fixed the camera issues on the iPhone 14 Pro. As expected, big tech stopped signing iOS 16 and iOS 16.0.1 this Friday (30th). This means that users who have upgraded their phones can no longer downgrade.

As usual, the manufacturer stops signing old versions of the software after the release of a newer build — this is about a week after the release of the software. update. The aim is to keep all users running the most current software, ensuring that they are not vulnerable to any bugs and security holes.


With iOS 16.0.2, blocking the downgrade proved especially necessary. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which left the factory running iOS 16, had a serious problem with the camera’s optical stabilization system that caused the sensor to “vibrate” when recording videos, something that could cause hardware damage.

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This release does not include any software-level security enhancements, so it focuses on fixing bugs. An example is the annoying and constant appearance of pop-ups when copying and pasting texts between applications, mainly in banking applications.

As much as the latest version of the iPhone operating system is already among us, iPad users are still waiting for the release of iPadOS 16. The update should add improvements to the multitasking mode and customization possibilities, but its release has been delayed due to reports of several bugs during the initial testing phase.

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(Updated September 30, 2022 at 2:28 pm)
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