‘No bra money’ – Dublin cafe takes one payment method off the cards as the stifling heat continues

0 bra money.jpg
0 bra money.jpg

A south Dublin cafe has made a specific plea to customers on the hottest day of the year.

The Crumlin business has taken one payment option off the cards – no money will be accepted from a bra.

While this practice may leave retail workers disgusted at any time of the year, the recent heatwave has made it even more repulsive.

The lack of pockets in women’s clothing is a complaint as old as time but Pip’s Cafe and Deli is not leaving any leeway for payments to be transferred from bra to cash register.

The cafe is clear that it is not willing to make any exceptions for this rule

The popular breakfast roll spot shared a photo stressing their request.

It said: “Due to high temperatures we will not be accepting money out of your bra!”

Yesterday, Mattress Mick made a similar request to his customers as the capital struggles to find ways to stay cool during the heatwave.

The renowned Dublin businessman begged customers on social media to not pau with sweat-soaked money from their bras.