Nintendo Switch will also be affected by component shortages

Nintendo Switch recently turned five years old and if the trajectory of the console in all this time can be described as something, it is an absolute success for the Japanese company. Nintendo Switch came out at a price that has remained almost unchanged to this day and for good reason, as its sales have never decreased in the slightest, making it the best-selling console of its generation month after month.

It is true that what the best-selling console of its generation can be debatable, because the generation can be debatable. Or rather, the league in which, and never better said, the Nintendo console plays, which is not the same in which PlayStation 4 or Xbox One do it, much less PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. But to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and when it comes to gaming devices, Nintendo Switch is number one.

In fact, it is a credit to Nintendo that its console has held up all these years with hardware that could never compete with that of the competition, excuse the redundancy, but it is what it is, what has already been said: when it comes to having fun in front of a screen mashing a controller, Nintendo Switch has set the trend and has remained at the top of the table in adoption.

In addition to its exclusive catalog, which has its counterpart in the exclusive ones of the competition, Nintendo Switch has enjoyed the advantage of hardware, not only because of the profit margin it provides, but because its components, less in demand and, therefore, more accessible than those of the competition, have not been lacking in a relevant way to affect the production of consoles. Until now.

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According to the Nikkei, Nintendo expects a 10% decline in Nintendo Switch sales because of problems in the supply chain, something that had not happened to such an extent before. At most, the company had considered increasing the price of the consoles, which also has its own.

“Nintendo expects to sell only about 20 million Switch consoles in the current fiscal year, a reduction of 10% compared to fiscal year 2021, despite strong demand,” collects the economic publication, citing the shortage of semiconductors and interruptions in logistics networks as the main obstacles in the production chain.

As they explain, the blockade of Shanghai would be decisive for the situation that the company is preparing to face, whose response to the drop in hardware sales will be an increase in software sales, with the intention of compensating as much as possible the losses of income. They will, for example, with the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildone of the most anticipated exclusive Nintendo Switch titles, with a launch set for this year.