Nintendo Switch is now the best-selling console in history

Nintendo Switch is now the best-selling console in history
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After spreading his financial report of the last quarter of the year 2022, document that determines the state of sales and other economic indicators of the company the console nintendoswitch would have become one of the consoles most sold in all history according to the estimates made based on the official data.

The Japanese company said in the nine-page financial document posted on its Web page official than console nintendoswitch sold a total of 122.55 million of units worldwide, thus surpassing its previous record in 8.22 million of additional units.

This increase not only represents an improvement in the profits of the companybut instead converts this console to video game the third most sold in history, surpassing the figures of the Playstation 4 (117.2 million units), in addition to the game boy and its variant Game Boy Color also from the same company, which sold a total of 118.69 million units.

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nintendo switch. (photo: Peakpx)

nintendo switch. (photo: Peakpx)

America the region that bought the console the most

Among the indicators of sales It can also be noted that the sales of Nintendospecifically from the console switches In the countries of the Americas, including North America, Central America, and South America, it is the region that acquires the most of these devices.

The document indicates that in total the users of these countries bought more than 47.66 million unitswhich far exceeds the sales figure in Europewho ranks second in territories with 31.71 million units.

However, despite the success of the console in other regions, in Japan only 29.05 million units could be sold even though it is in this country where the headquarters of Nintendo. The rest of the world added a total of 14.15 million units sold. The only sales indicator in which this country manages to surpass the entire region of America is the one that corresponds to sales related to the card games produced by the company.

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Nintendo Switch still far from first place

Although the console Nintendo has become the third best seller in history and has surpassed some historical devices such as the game boyis still a long way from breaking the records held by the first two places in the ranking.

nintendo switch. (photo: Vandal)

nintendo switch. (photo: Vandal)

He Nintendo DS came to sell 154 million units around the world, while even higher up the scale, topping the chart for the world’s best-selling consoles, is the Playstation 2 from Sony, which went on to sell more than 155 million units before being discontinued by the company.

Since 2019, the year in which the console appeared nintendoswitchusers have been able to acquire up to three different versions of the device due to changes made to its hardware and software such as the Nintendo Switch Lite (2019) and the Nintendo Switch OLEDwhich appeared on the market during 2021.

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The plan to increase sales of Nintendo Switch

During the year 2022 Nintendo made a decision to increase the sales volume of this video game console. According to the Nikkei medium, the company considered increasing the number of units offered on the market by reducing its packing. The report mentioned that the Asian company would reduce the size of the control box by 20% compared to the current packaging to make the shipment of the switches be more efficient.

Although it has not been confirmed that this measure had a direct and significant relationship with the amount of units that were sold, the truth is that the number of units during the year 2023 will continue to increase.

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