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Nikon Z 30 in the laboratory test

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With the Z 30, nikon wants to appeal to everyone who likes to record videos. In fact, it’s finally an uncomplicated always-on camera again. Or?

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Compact, powerful images, without much fuss – that’s what makes an uncomplicated always-on camera. And it is precisely with these properties that Nikon’s Z 30 can boast. With a flat pancake lens, its housing fits even in a small handbag. The controls are airily distributed, pleasantly large and clearly labeled. In short: the Z 30 can be operated quickly by anyone who has a little experience with any other camera. This would also make it an ideal camera for those upgrading from smartphones and for beginners in photography. Manufacturers have sorely neglected the latter in recent months or years and have mainly concentrated on high-quality functional monsters – and on expensive full-frame cameras.

With the Z 30, Nikon is opening up its mirrorless Z system for the “simple” occasional photographer who doesn’t just want to snap photos with his smartphone. To do this, she should appeal to young people who want to produce videos for Tiktok, Instagram and Co. It has a freely swiveling monitor, records in 4k and offers an internal stereo microphone. However, this can really only be used as a makeshift, as soon as you move a little further away from the camera, the sound becomes thin.

On the surface, Nikon has managed a small camera hit. However, if you take a closer look, this impression is put into perspective: at a price of 800 euros, the Z 30 is not a bargain and far removed from the prices that manufacturers charged for their entry-level models with mirrors just a few years ago

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