Next version of iOS will allow receiving payments directly by NFC on an iPhone


SMEs and individuals dedicated to commerce who have an iPhone to their credit, will later be able, with the arrival of an update for iOS, to receive credit or debit card payments directly on their mobile, without extra instruments.

To date, the reception of physical payments on the mobile is possible, but only through external terminals.

Soon it will be possible to use an iPhone as a card payment processor

Individuals and small businesses will be able to accept contactless payments from a debit or credit card on the iPhone, a feature that likely uses the NFC chip already built into Apple devices, Bloomberg reported, citing insider sources. the company who are familiar with the project.

Apple began developing this credit card payment option without additional hardware in 2020, following its acquisition of Mobeewave, a startup that created technology for smartphones to accept payments using NFC, for approximately $100 million.

In the past, Mobeewave presented its mechanism for processing payments with its app as a process reduced to entering a transaction amount and then using an NFC-enabled card, placing it on the back of a smartphone. Apple’s built-in payment function likely works similarly to what the acquired Canadian company, which had previously worked with Samsung, introduced at the time.

From Bloomberg they point out that it is not yet clear if this new payment service will be integrated into Apple Pay or not. However, the team working on the feature has been working within Apple’s payments division.

Because current iPhones already have built-in NFC technology, this is not a feature that will depend on any hardware update, only a system update and the relevant regional enablement of this new function would suffice. According to the report, Apple plans to launch this card payment system on iPhone within the next few months, perhaps including it in the iOS 15.4 update coming up in the next few months.

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