Newskill Takamikura V2, with breathable fabric and 180º inclination

newskill takamikura v2 3.jpg
newskill takamikura v2 3.jpg

A few years ago, newskill launched its gaming chair on the market Newskill Takamikura, a very well-balanced model in terms of quality and price, but a renovation was needed that included the latest trends in its range. The Newskill Takamikura V2 It is already a reality and today we want you to know it in detail.

We have carefully analyzed its technical characteristics so that you can know in detail what you can expect from it, what its advantages and disadvantages are. And as a gift for those who make it to the end, we leave you the best offers to buy it today at a reduced price.

Newskill Takamikura V2 design

This Newskill Takamikura V2 is a gaming chair Available in five colors: grey, purple, magenta, pink and red. This is, let’s say, the secondary color, since the main one is black, except in the pink version that comes combined with white to give it a more naive and sweet look.

We really like this model because it is built in breathable fabric, something that has many advantages. For me it is the best material for this type of chairs. Ok, it won’t be the most premium or the most elegant, but it gives us very good breathability and is more comfortable. If you live in a hot city or for the summer months in which the heat hits almost every corner of our country, breathable fabric is the best material. In addition, Newskill reveals to us that it has another benefit and that is that it is quite resistant to abrasion due to friction. This way, even if we use it a lot, it will take longer to wear out and for the use to be noticeable.

Newskill Takamikura V2

In fact, one of the new features of this chair is that it has vents in the shoulder area (previously they were in the neck), in addition, it also has a rhomboid pattern in the lower lumbar and seat area. This way we obtain better padding, ventilation and breathability.

The padding is much better than in other models, since some manufacturers use talc to give a greater feeling of quality and more initial rigidity. A rigidity that is lost over time. Newskill, for its part, has increased the density of the padding, which translates into greater resistance and durability. Plus, there’s padding at every angle and shape, so comfort is guaranteed.

Newskill Takamikura V2

Regarding construction materials, the structure, base and frame are of steel and the wheels made in nylon They have coating PU so that they are softer and do not scratch the floor. Also, it comes with a cervical and lumbar cushion for greater comfort.

This chair is recommended for users between 1.60 and 1.90 m tall and weighing less than 110kgalthough it can support up to 136 kg.

Reclining and adjustable

You can always use this chair in the position that is most comfortable for you. Count with one reclining backrest from 90º to 180º, so we can almost be in a lying position. You’re not going to work like this, of course, or at least we don’t recommend it if you want to take care of your postural hygiene and not hurt your back. But sometimes it can be very useful for us: if we are reading something, for certain games, to watch an episode of a series and make a break of our work… The fact is that we can get a lot of use out of it.

Newskill Takamikura V2

In addition, it also has a butterfly mechanism on the base with a class 4 pistonwhich also allows the height to be adjusted by up to 8 centimeters.

Likewise, we can also adjust the 4D armrest in height, angle, depth and separation. They also have a little padding to give us greater comfort and a textured finish that helps it wear less since, if a stain falls on it, it will be less noticeable.

Finally, we would like to highlight how stable it is. The lower part is flat and the fulcrum of the piston is closer to the ground than in other models, so this helps increase stability. They also help 65mm XL wheels.

Newskill Takamikura V2

Its most notable shortcomings

The truth is that it is a fairly complete chair as we have seen, however, it is not perfect. Other models offer us features that are an added value, such as a footrest, a mat to avoid directly impacting the ground or even resistance to a greater weight of the user. These are three aspects that are not crucial for all types of users and if we find them it is usually in higher priced gaming chairs, but in any case it is interesting to highlight them so that everything is very clear.

Technical characteristics of the Newskill Takamikura V2

Newskill Takamikura V2
Colors Grey, purple, magenta, pink and red
Main materials Breathable fabric, steel, nylon with PU
Recommended height Between 1.60 and 1.90 m tall
Recommended maximum weight 110 kg, although it can reach 136 kg
Cushions included Cervical and lumbar
Reclining backrest From 90º to 180º
4D armrest Yeah
Wheels XL, 65mm
Base Butterfly mechanism at the base with a class 4 piston

Availability and price of the Newskill Takamikura V2

If you are looking for a fairly complete, resistant gaming chair with a clear focus on durability and comfort, this Newskill Takamikura V2 is a model that meets all the conditions that we must demand from this type of product. Furthermore, its price is in the mid-range range, which, combined with specific offers like the ones we have left you on these lines, can help us get a fairly economical price when changing our chair and opting for a high quality.

  • Good value for money.
  • 4D armrest
  • Resistant and robust
  • Backrest tiltable up to 180º
  • Good materials
  • Silent and stable wheels
  • It is a very comfortable chair
  • Includes lumbar and cervical cushions

  • Does not have footrest
  • Does not have a mat
  • It is not the most resistant in terms of user weight

Total score

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